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Quick & Easy Clean up Horse Manure

Australia's Quickest Horse Manure Removal System

  • Unbeatable on Price
  • Adjustable Tow Hitch
  • Easy to Maneuver
  • Super light weight
  • Doubles as a yard trailer

Cleaning up horse manure becomes a breeze with the innovative and easy design of the Super Scooper. With the ability to change from a scooper to a trailer to transport manure in seconds, there is no quicker or more efficient Horse Manure Removal System available.

Attach the Super Scooper unit to a tow vehicle such as a ride on lawn mower or quad bike then drag it along behind to scoop up manure. Once a paddock is finished, the Super Scooper is easily converted into a small trailer in less than 20 seconds to transport and dump the manure at a site of choice.

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Video Demonstrations: 

Super Scooper - Movie Trailer
Super Scooper - New Inventors TV Show
Super Scooper - Quick Introduction
Super Scooper - Split Screen (4 demos in one)
Super Scooper - Grassy Paddock
Super Scooper - Good Paddock
Super Scooper - Dirty Holding Yard
Super Scooper - Dusty Paddock
Super Scooper - Hilly Paddock (New Zealand)

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